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1. General Resources


♥Scriptural  Confessions

♥Links / Websites



Treatment Centres in the Western Cape:

  • Kenilworth Clinic: Eating disorders programme. Tel. (021) 7634500
  • Tygerberg Hospitaal Eetversteuringskliniek:  Tel. (021) 9384573
  • Crescent Clinic, Tel. 021-7627666
  • Anorexia and Bulimia Family Support group of South Africa, Tel. 011-64628


Link: Fighting Anorexia: No One to Blame

Link: Anorexics Can Blame Their Parents

Link: Brave New World: The Role of Genetics in the Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders

Link: Anorexia found in rural Africa

Link: Chemical malfunction plays role in bulimia, researchers say

Link: Genetic clues to eating disorders

Link: Brain Chemicals May Cause Bulimia

Link: Research on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the role of Serotonin

Link: Center for Overcoming Problem Eating and Eating Disorders Clinic

Other Helpful Self-Help Websites:

  • Relapse Prevention at the Mirror-Mirror Website
  • Real Women is a multi-sensory exploration of body image and its profound impact on women’s health and well being. It is a series of 13 small bronze sculptures and poems portraying women of diverse size, shape, culture and age.
  • Camp Sark
    A wonderful and colorful website full of ideas for journaling, reading and overall healthy living of the mind.
    Change Your Mind, Change Your Culture, and Let Your Body Be —
    A Body Disparagement Free Zone
  • The Mind, Body and Soul Network
    The Largest Feel-Good Self-Help Site on the Internet.
  • Self Improvement Online
    The Definitive Web Guide to Personal Growth, Self Improvement, Self-Help, Human Enhancement, Self-Actualization, Personal Success, Self-Awareness, Human Potential, Personal Power, and Self-Fulfillment.
  • Recovery Connection
    Recovery Connection offers online pre- and post-treatment and support for condependencies. Offers a personalized “daily check-in,” daily news, daily quotes, book reviews, message boards, and email.
  • Transformations
    A forum for self-help and recovery including live chats, message boards, a survivor’s gallery and a webzine on recovery issues.




Eating Disorders Organizations:

Below is a list of Eating Disorders Organizations that you can contact for further help and information.

The non-profit organizations listed here can provide educational and written material, lecture information, referrals to treatment in your area, and more. Don’t forget to also check out the Treatment Finder for a list of local therapists, treatment facilities, dietitians and support groups.

  • Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center
    2923 Sandy Pointe, Suite 6
    Del Mar, CA 92014-2052
    858-481-1515 858-481-1515 
    Answering any questions you might have about eating disorders and their prevention.
  • National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)
    Formerly EDAP & AABA
    603 Stewart Street, Suite 803
    Seattle, WA 98101-1264
    Toll-Free (800) 931-2237 (800) 931-2237 
    Phone (206) 382-3587 (206) 382-3587
    FAX (206) 829-8501
    The National Eating Disorders Association is the largest nonprofit organization in the U.S. dedicated to expanding public understanding of eating disorders and promoting access to quality treatment for those affected along with support for their families through education, advocacy and research. To achieve our mission, we have developed prevention programs for a wide range of audiences, we publish and distribute educational materials, we operate the nation’s first toll-free eating disorders information and referral line at 1-800-931-2237 1-800-931-2237 , and we continually work to change the cultural, familial, and interpersonal factors which contribute to the development of eating disorders.
  • National Association of
    Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD)

    Box 7
    Highland Park, IL 60035
    (847) 831-3438 (847) 831-3438 
    An association that is concerned with and provides a wide variety of programs for the entire Eating Disorders field (consumer advocacy, counsel, education, referral list, research, etc.)
  • Eating Disorders Anonymous (EDA)
    18233 N. 16th Way
    Phoenix, AZ 85022
    a fellowship of individuals who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problems and help others to recover from their eating disorders. People can and do fully recover from having an eating disorder. In EDA, we help one another identify and claim milestones of recovery.
  • Academy for Eating Disorders (AED)
    6728 Old McLean Village Drive
    McLean, VA 22101
    (703) 556-9222 (703) 556-9222 
    Promotes effective treatment and prevention initiatives, and stimulates research. AED sponsors an international conference.
  • National Association for Males with Eating Disorders, Inc. (N.A.M.E.D.)
    (877) 780-0080 (877) 780-0080 
    N.A.M.E.D. is uniquely dedicated to offering support to males with eating disorders and being a resource of information on the subject. For treatment referrals, support, and information, call 1-877-780-0080 1-877-780-0080 .
  • The Dressing Room Project
    45 State St #280
    Montpelier, VT 05602
    (828) 318-4438 (828) 318-4438 
    The Dressing Room Project is an initiative of Emerging Women’s Projects, a non-profit organization for teen girls’ empowerment.
  • The Elisa Project
    8600 NW Plaza Drive, Suite 2B
    Dallas, Texas 75225
    (214) 369-5222 (214) 369-5222 
    To be a cohesive resource in providing eating disorder sufferers with a better chance of a cure. We accomplish this by educating Health professionals, Parents, Children, The Community and The Funding Community.
  • Jessie’s Wish
    742 Colony Forest Drive
    Midlothian, VA 23114
    (804) 378-3032 (804) 378-3032 
    A 501(c)3 organization to help educate about eating disorders and raise funds to help with financial assistance when there is inadequate or no health insurance available.
  • National Eating Disorders Screening Program (NEDSP)
    NEDSP represents the first large scale screening for eating disorders. The program includes an educational presentation on eating disorders and/or related topics (body image, nutrition, etc.), a written screening test and the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a health professional. It also provides individuals with information about how to help friends or family members who may be suffering from an eating disorder.
  • National Center for Overcoming Overeating
    P.O. Box 1257
    Old Chelsea Station
    New York, NY 10113-0920
    (212) 875-0442 (212) 875-0442 
    Women’s Campaign to End Body Hatred and Dieting
  • Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness
    PO Box 13155
    North Palm Beach, FL 33408-3155
    (561) 841-0900 (561) 841-0900 
    Seeks to establish easily accessible programs across the nation that allow children and young adults the opportunity to learn about eating disorders.
  • Eating Disorders Coalition
    609 10th Street NE, Suite #1
    Washington, DC 20002
    (202) 543-3842 (202) 543-3842 
    To promote, at the federal level, further investment in the healthy development of children and all at risk for eating disorders, recognition of eating disorders as a public health priority, and commitment to effective prevention and evidence based and accessible treatment of these disorders.
  • Harvard Eating Disorders Center (HEDC)
    356 Boylston Street
    Boston, MA 02118
    1-888-236-1188 1-888-236-1188 
    A national nonprofit organization dedicated to research and education, seeking to expand knowledge about Eating Disorders, their detection, treatment and prevention.
  • Massachusetts Eating Disorders Association, Inc. (MEDA)
    92 Pearl Street
    Newton, MA 02158
    (617) 558-1881 (617) 558-1881 
    Newsletter, referral network, and local support groups.
  • Healing Connections, Inc.
    1461A First Ave., Suite 303
    New York, NY 10021
    (212) 585-3450 (212) 585-3450 
    A non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that strives to save lives through education, prevention, intervention, advocacy and future financial assistance for people suffering from Anorexia and Bulimia.
  • Overeaters Anonymous
    P.O. Box 44020
    Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124-4020
    (505) 891-2664
    FAX (505) 891-4320
    Dealing with the issues of Compulsive Overeating. Site contains information on OA, info for healthcare professionals, a meeting locator map, fact file, OA literature, upcoming events and more.
  • Eating Disorders Association (UK)
    First Floor, Wensum House
    103 Prince of Wales Road
    Norfolk, UK
    01603 621 414
    Offers understanding and support to sufferers and their families involved with the problems of Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa.
  • Somerset & Wessex Eating Disorders Association
    Strode House, 10 Leigh Road
    STREET, Somerset, BA16 0HA
    18-25 Project, 20A High Street
    GLASTONBURY, Somerset, BA6 9DU
    01458 448600
    Providing support to those affected by eating disorders; core services include the telephone helpline and support groups.
  • The Eating Disorders Action Group
    150 Bedford Highway, #2614
    Halifax, NS B3M 3J5
    (902) 443-9944 (902) 443-9944 
    The Eating Disorders Action Group is a community based, charitable organization dedicated to promoting healthy body image and self esteem and to supporting individuals who experience disordered eating.
  • WINS
    We Insist on Natural Shapes

    PO Box 19938
    Sacramento, CA 95819
    1-800-600-WINS 1-800-600-WINS 
    A nonprofit organization dedicated to educating adults and children about what normal, healthy, shapes are. The dangers of eating disorders and excessive dieting.
  • Food Addicts Anonymousto find a local group visit the website or call: The World Service Office at: (561) 967-3871 (561) 967-3871. National Food Addicts Anonymous Homepage — information about the FAA recovery program. Worldwide events, on-line meetings, tools for recovery, 12 steps and 12 traditions and much more.
  • HUGS International Inc.
    Linda Omichinski, The center for information and resources about nondieting for adults and teens. We offer worldwide support and programs for people seeking a lifestyle without diets.
  • Eating Disorders Association Resource Center
    The Eating Disorders Association is based in Queensland, Australia. It is an organization of people concerned about the growing prevalence and seriousness of eating disorders in our society.
  • Eating Disorders Association
    Bryson House,
    38 Ormeau Road,
    Belfast 7
    Sackville Place,
    44 Magdalen Street,
    Norwich, Norfolk NR3 1JE.
    Tel 080 232 234914
    Members all receive information about Eating Disorders, including the magazine Signpost. Hazelden IrelandPO Box 616, Cork. Literature available on how to cope with eating disorders. 12 Step recovery programme.
  • Eating Disorders Association of WA (Western Australia)
    Unit 13A, Wellington Fair, 4 Lord Street, Perth
    TELEPHONE: 9221 0488
    FAX: 9221 0499
  • Center for the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia
    (212) 595-3449 (212) 595-3449 
    1 West 91st Street
    New York, , NY 10024
    The Center has four objectives: effective treatment, specialized training, significant research, and increased community understanding.
  • British Columbia Eating Disorders Association
    841 Fairfield Road
    Victoria BC Canada
    (250) 383-2755 (250) 383-2755 
    Non-profit organization dedicated to peer support, peer counseling, and advocacy. We also run prevention programs for elementary, secondary schools and university/college classes. We are completely volunteer driven and supported!
  • Compulsive Eaters Anonymous – H.O.W.
    PO BOX 4403
    10016 Pioneer Blvd Suite 101
    Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
    (310) 942-8161
    fax (310) 948-3721
    A twelve step recovery program.
  • Eating Disorders Professionals (IAEDP)
    123 NW 13th St. #206
    Boca Raton, FL 33432-1618
    (800) 800-8126
    fax (407) 338-9913
    An organization providing education, newsletters, local chapters, monthly bulletins, regional workshops, and certification. Professional membership.
  • Promoting Legislation & Education About Self-Esteem, Inc. (PLEASE)
    91 S Main Street
    West Hartford, CT 06107
    (860) 521-2515 (860) 521-2515 
    Memberships and Educational Programs, Workshops, and local chapters. Watch-dog of the growing diet industry.
  • National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, Inc. (NAAFA)
    P.O. Box 188620
    Sacramento, CA 95818
    (800) 442-1214 (800) 442-1214 
    Advocacy group promoting size acceptance. Membership newsletters, educational materials, regional chapters, yearly convention, and pen-pal program
  • Eating Disorder HopeTM

♥Eating Disorders Directory of Links



  • Veiligheidsouers/ Safety parents:

Helpful information:

  • Dissipline en jou pleegkind:

  • Die ouer (ouderdom) mishandelde kind:

  • Die hantering van besoeke met die biologiese ouers:

  • The challenges of foster care:

  • The affects of trauma on children:

  • The affects of foster placement on a child:

  • Helping to bring healing to a child in foster care:

  • Die effek van mishandeling en verwaarlosing op die ontwikkeling en binding van die kind in veiligheidsplasing of pleegsorg:


7. General Resources in Cape Town Area


S.A.D.A.G. (Suid Afrikaanse depressie en angsgroep)

Beradingsbestuurder: Cassey Amoore

Tolvry selfmoord-krisislyn 0800 567567

Smslyn 021 31393



 Magdalena Huis

021 9483637


Gemeenskapsgeweld, misdaad, prostitusie

Suid Afrikaanse Polisiediens

Tel 021 9183000



 Vir werkloses: 

  • Care Mission Belville Tel 021:948 0027
  • Nagskuiling Belville Tel 021:949 2939 of 021:9491939

 Gratis Verblyf:

  • Ganeva Krisissentrum Tel 021:904 9912 / Eerste rivier no 1 Stratfordlaan
  •  Die Ark Tel 021:843 3927 (maar nie vir pensionarisse en wat toelaes ontvang)
  •  Beth Urial Youth Centre Soutrivier Verblyf aan jongmans 16 – 24 met gestremdheid.

 Verblyf teen betaling op glyskaal van inkomste:

  •  BROADWAY LODGE cc Tel:(021) 592 1226/80 Fax:(021) 592 1323 Email: Emergency: 084 761 8765
  •  Community Mental Health and Psychiatry
  •  Kingdom Ministries Huis Sonop. Huis Miles Bowler. Huis Hensie Vroom. Tel 021 9819850
  • Versorgingsoord Helpende Hande. 24 uur versorging. Tel 021 9195684/083 742 6490



  •  Stikland Psychiatric Hospital

Psychiatric Hospital: inpatient and outpatient treatment services

Alcohol rehabilitation program, detoxification unit,

Day Centre for consumers of mental health services

Tel – 021 9404506/4468

Fax – 021 9404443

  •  Cape Mental Health

Provide supportive services to people with mental illness and intellectual disabilities

Tel – 021 4479040

Fax – 021 4488475

  •  Verblyf

Community Mental Health and Psychiatry

  •  Kingdom Ministries

Huis Sonop

Huis Miles Bowler

Huis Hensie Vroom

Tel 021 9819850


  •  Community Health Centre

Clinics in Bellville & Bellville South

  •  Reedstreet Clinic

Tel – 021 9463790

  •  Social Services

Omnia Building, Voortrekker Road, Bellville

Tel – 021 9407100


  •  Tygerbeer Maatskaplike Werkeenheid vir getraumatiseerde kinders en gesinne.

 Kriteria vir verwysing na Tygerbeer eenheid

Volledige assessering van maatskaplike omstandighede moet afgehandel wees en die Kind of gesin moet reeds beveilig wees. Die aanmelding ingevolge Art. 42 (1) van die Wet op Kindersorg moet deur die verwysende Organisasie (in gevalle van welsynorganisasie verwysings) hanteer word.

Die geval word aangemeld by ‘n Welsynskantoor in die area waarin die situasie hom bevind



48 Ouplaas Cresent

Wesbank, KUILSRIVIER, 7580

Sel 084 287 9747

Pastoor Heunis

Voorsien: Komberse, klere

Motiveer: met geestelike berading

Reël: Hulp vir hospitaalbehandeling wanneer haweloses siek is

Registrasie no 000477 NPO


  •  Family Law Clinic

Gratis regsadvies in jou woongebied

Asook bekostigbare bystand

Tel 021 853 7994

078 970 9829



# divorces

# Domestic violence

# Wills

# Estates

  •  FAMSA

Tel 021 447 7951



Tel 021 6935172


Tel 021 4264126



021 4261216

Regshulp UWK

021 9592756

Regshulp Bllville

021 9493062

  • Suidelike Egskeidings- Legalwise

021 4196905 Kaapstad Hof 021 4011570

  •  Family Law Centre

021 4223003

  •  Sentrum vir Regshulp

021 9177400



Phone +27 (0)21 852 9900

Fax 086 600 7568

Physical Address

First Floor
Alexandra Building
147 Main Road
Somerset West

  •  Living Network

Available to every person in crisis and connect them to a network of partners who offer vital Resources

Tel – 021 9504455


A network of community based organisations working together to provide sufficient services to the community of Bellville.


7.12 Accommodation Based Services

  •  Bellvile Senior Sentrum

Rendering integrated and affordable care and community services

Tel – 021 9101250

Fax – 021 9101230

  •  Bellville Nightshelter

Offer the homeless shelter in respect of bed, meals, ablution facilities and Social Worker

is available on call

Tel/fax – 021 9491939

  •  Huis Jabes

Safety House for abused women and children

Tel – 021 9816413


7.13 Poverty & Street People Structures

  •  MES Cape Town (previously BCM)

Christian organization that initiate & facilitates initiatives to assist people in need

Tel – centre – 021 9480027 3 Davies Street 021 9498736

Tel – office – 021 9498736/63  or  /


Counseling & pastoral care to the homeless, high-risk and greater community of the

Bellville CBD

Tel – 021 9485399 (ext 113)

Fax – 021 9485424

  •  TASP – A Tygerberg Association for Street People

An umbrella body to facilitate & co-ordinate services delivery of street people’s organizations

In district 5 area with Bellville Assessment Centre

(also give food and clothes in Bellvile at busterminus) near Bellville station.

Tel – 021 9485399

Fax – 021 9485424

  •  No Limits Program for Street Children

An outreach and prevention program for street children between the ages of 6 & 18 years

Tel – 021 9302098


6.14.1 Slagoffers van mishandeling


021 4620017 of

021 9443980 , Retiefstraat, Bellville

 6.14.2 Veilige huise (albei huise het plek vir kinders)

Noordelike Voorstede

Suidelike Voorstede

 Maatskaplike werkers doen die asesserings.

Huis Jabes – Elize Smit 0834422284

Mishandelde Jeug/Plek van Veiligheid


Het in Phoenix, Milnerton geopen op 1 Feb 2008

Akkomodasie vir: 8 meisies (12 – 18 jaar vir n periode van 3 mnde)

Kontakbesonderhede: tel 021 5563573 maatskaplik werker

Twee versorgers —- 24 uur per dag


  •  Hulplyn Tolvrye No 0800 121 314
  • Of stuur n sms na 32312
  •  Love Life: 0800 121900
  •  Dwelmhulplyn: 0800 212555
  •  Sanca: 021 919 9557/8
  •  Tik free 4 Jesus

Counseling/gangster ministry/prison ministry

Soup kitchens/crisis management

24 hrs sms helpline 083 331 9615

Facebook: anton botha tik free

Say no to drugs

Say yes to Jesus

  •  SANCA – South African National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence

Outpatient treatment & prevention of substance dependence

Tel – 021 9452099/2103

  •  CAD

Support services for people affected by drug addiction

54 Toner Street, Parow East

Tel – 021 9392033


  • NOUPOORT 0498431747
  •  Famillies Against Substance Abuse 021 376 3854 Beaconvalley
  •  Akron Addiction Treatment Centre 021 785 4302 Capri Village
  •  Berth Rapha, Observatory 021 447 0908
  •  Cape Town Drug Counseling Centre, Observatory 021 447 8026
  •  Claro Clinic, Goodwood 021 595 8504
  •  Crescent Kliniek, Kenilworth 021 762 7666
  •  De Novo Behandeling en Jeugsentrum, Kraaifontein 021 988 1138
  •  Hesketh King Behandeling en Jeugsentrum, Muldersvlei 021 884 4600
  •  Hope House, Pinelands 021 531 5385
  •  Horizon Halfway House, Ottery 021 396 1653
  •  Lentegeur Dwelm Rehabilitasiesentrum 021 374 3111
  •  Ramot Sentrum, Parow-Oos 021 939 2033
  •  SANCA: Stikland 021 919 957. Athlone-Guguletu 021 638 5116. Atlantis 021 572 7461. Paarl 021 872 9671. Mitchell Plain 021 397 2196
  •  Toevlug Rehabilitasiesentrum, Nobleweg, Worcester 023 342 1162
  •  Tabankula,Corsicalaan,Capri Village, Noordhoek 021 785 4664
  •  Sultan Bahu, Mitchells Plain 021 372 2845
  •  Stikland Neuro Clinic, Stikland Hospitaal 021 940 488
  •  Stepping Stones, Hoofweg, Kommetjie 021 783 4230
  •  Social Services (Maatskaplike Dienste van die Staat) 021 940 7100


  • SA Police Victim Support Bellville & Bellville South

It is a network of volunteers based at each police station offering

support & referrals to Victims of crime & related problems

Tel – 021 9183500 cell – 0722597400

  •  M5 Karl Bremer Rape Centre

Tel – 021 9181321

  •  City of Cape Town – Department of Social Development

Tel – 021 9187292 or 021 9187255

  •  Department of Education – School Social Worker District North

Support & train students, parents, teachers/ Act as liaison between community & School

Tel – 021 9383000 fax – 021 9383181

  •  SAPS – South African Police Services

Deals primarily with crime in the area

Tel – 021 9183068 / 3000



Slagoffers van Misdaad

Skakelbord 021 933 9000

Gemeenskapsdiens sentrum 021 933 9005/6/31


Gewapende roof




Hulle word bygestaan en ondersteun in hul nood

Vrywilligers beman die stasie 24 uur per dag.

Hierdie vrywilligers ontvang op gereëlde basis trauma-hanteringsessies.

Hulle verwys weer na Kinderbeskermings eenheid, Maatskaplike Welsynsorganisaies en diensverskaffers soos die behoefte dit sal bepaal.


Skakel plaaslike polisie-kantoor

  • Childline: 08000 55 555 (as n kind betrokke is)
  • Rape Crisis:

Observatory 021 447 9762

Mannenberg 021 633 5287

Berading 021 633 9229

Khayelitsha 021 361 9228

Berading 021 361 9085

  • Cape Town Rape Crisis

021 447 9762

  • Vrouesentrum, Kaapstad

021 633 5287

7.18 Welfare Organisations


  • ACVV



  •  FAMSA


The organisation, which specialises in social crime prevention and offender reintegration, boasts a rich, unparalleled history in human rights, juvenile justice and innovative criminal justice reform.

♥This listing of charitable organisations forms part of the Western Cape Public Sector Directory.
South African Council for the Aged To protect and promote the interests and well-being of all elderly persons
Adamastor Trust
new address:
Commits their institutions to work together to build a coherent higher education system in the region through academic programme collaboration
Beautiful Gate A ministry to children in need (esp. children with AIDS)
Cape of Good Hope SPCA Animal care and protection
Cape Town Child Welfare Society Promote the well-being of children in poor socio-economic communities.
Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Southern Africa (CAPFSA) Aims to reduce intentional and unintentional injuries through research, education, environmental change and recommendations for legislation.
Citizens’ Advice Bureau To be an accessible Service providing comprehensive information and advice free to all the citizens of Cape Town and environs, especially the underprivileged and oppressed
City Mission Involved in feeding schemes, accommodation, education, church planting and rehabilitation of the abused, impoverished and prisoners.
Focus On Elder Abuse (FEA) To identify and prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation of older persons through public and professional awareness to address elder abuse
Golden Arrow Foundation To foster the continuing development of underprivileged South Africans from all communities
Habitat for Humanity SA A network of grassroots projects dedicated to eliminating sub-standard housing in this country
Halt Elder Abuse Line STREETS aims to empower children and youth living on the streets by reintegrating them into their respective communities, and making them productive members of society. STREETS seeks to eventually eradicate this phenomenon.
Halt Elder Abuse Line Is a telephonic help-line for older people and any member of the public who suspects elder abuse occurs.
Ilitha Labantu To end violence and abuse against women and children in disadvantaged communities
Isisa Charities A non-profit charity organization portal to procure national and international support
Learn To Earn Through a wholistic approach, we seek to develop people, especially unemployed people, socially, economically, emotionally and spiritually
Life Line/Childline Western Cape Committed to protecting children from all forms of violence and abuse
National Council of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Reach For A Dream It is the Foundation’s wish to make children’s’ lives more bearable through the fulfilment of their deepest dreams.
Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust The Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust is synonymous with excellence in fundraising, high standards of integrity and transparency.
Residentia Foundation An organisation dedicated to providing homes and care for the elderly and youth – national with WC presence
Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (RAPCAN) Resources aimed at the prevention of child abuse and neglect, protecting children’s rights.
Salvation Army The Salvation Army marches on in over 100 countries around the world and preaches the Gospel in 116 languages
South African Red Cross Society To render service, to prevent and alleviate human suffering and foster man dignity in all communities by addressing the basic needs of the people
South African Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (SASPCAN) – national with WC presence To provide information about themselves. Names, addresses, telephone numbers of relative societies and orgs.
Student’s Health and Welfare Centres Organisation (SHAWCO) Youth Development Programmes as well as Health
Surplus Peoples Project SPP seeks to be a multi-skilled, efficient, radical and committed organisation, instrumental in achieving a transfer of power and resources to the most marginalized and unorganised, especially women, through supporting rural communities in struggles perta
The Big Issue A general interest issues-based publication. It is sold by unemployed and homeless people as a means of earning an income.
The Shuttleworth Foundation To promote innovation in education in South Africa and the rest of the world. Our hope is to transform Africa from a resources-based economy to a knowledge-based economy and our dream is to unlock the creative potential of every child in Africa
The South African Homeless Peoples’ Federation and People’s Dialogue A nation-wide poor people’s movement to develop its members’ capacity to conceive, control and implement their own poverty alleviation strategies via the development of their own communities.
Volunteer Centre Our objective is to promote the value of voluntary work
Western Cape Network on Violence Against Women The Network is a collective of organisations and individuals across the Western Cape, committed to working together against Violence Against Women
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