Corporate Consulting #Employee Assistance


Corporate Consulting is designed to assist the employer in the recruitment process and in team building. An in depth Temperament Report is provided to guide the employer in assessing if the applicant is a good fit for the job.


There are many assessments and tools available to assist an employer in recruiting new staff, tools to motivate and manage people in teams, including assessing skills, interests and personality styles. The 4 Seasons Temperament Recruitment and Teambuilding Report gives you the ability to look at a person’s inborn temperament.
To really know yourself and who you are is not always easy. It is also important to note here that there is a difference between TEMPERAMENT, PERSONALITY and CHARACTER.

They all work together to form your unique identity, but they are not exactly the same.


How to use this report

This report delivers information to you in layers, from a broad overview to specific details. If you only want the highlights of your employee’s styles and team dynamics, then only use the summary in the front. If you want a more in depth, comprehensive analysis, then read the pages in the back.

As an employer you can use this report to assess if an applicant is a good fit for a job, in the recruitment process. As a manager you can use this report to assess the different strengths and challenges of each member of your team, as well as the areas of potential conflict and cooperation in the team as a whole. It will enable you to see the communication styles and management approaches that are the most, and the least effective with your team. You’ll be able to see how they react to your leadership style and your temperament, and how you can best motivate your team to ensure optimal service delivery and productivity.


Capitalizing on Your Employee’s Intelligence Style

Temperament, Leadership, and Talent
The job of leaders is to motivate their people to execute plans that achieve the goals of the organization. Those who lead well are able to take into account different talents and intelligences — both their own and those of their team members — and match those talents to the task at hand.

What Is the Relationship Between Temperament and Talent?
The four temperament styles match up consistently with four general types of intelligent roles: Tactical, Logistical, Diplomatic, and Strategic. The four connections between temperament and intelligent roles are as follows:


There are 4 distinct styles of intelligence. Each of the 4 temperaments has a stronger natural preference order of these 4 intelligence styles, such that they tend to develop the most strength in the style for which they have the strongest preference, and the least strength where their preference is the weakest.


Every Season, every Temperament has a role to play, a unique function and contribution that brings balance to the whole. One is not better that the other, they all compliment each other and when you have all four seasons working together, to add their strengths and abilities it will make your team stronger and more effective in accomplishing their goals.


How can the 4 Seasons Temperament Report help me?

Fundamentally, the 4 Seasons Temperament Report helps you to do two things: understand your own temperament and gain insight to other people’s. Possessing this valuable knowledge of human nature can have a variety of far-reaching effects on your life.

In the work world, being savvy about your temperament can lead you to a clearer understanding of your natural role and functions within an organization. It can also help you better capitalize on your personal strengths to build your success. By comprehending your co-workers’ temperaments and how each temperament relates, you can begin to master your interactions with supervisors and staff. In addition, being able to interpret others’ innate styles can help you to meet their implicit expectations, as well as increase your own leadership abilities.

In your personal life, being knowledgeable about temperament can help you build strong, lasting ties with others. This is true because it aids you in anticipating your loved ones’ needs and respecting their different ways of dealing with life. When you are responsive to others, you will naturally be looked upon as dependable, responsible, helpful, and empathetic. These are all wonderful qualities to bring to your personal relationships. In addition, coming to terms with your own temperament and innate tendencies can bring new levels of wisdom and self-knowledge to all of your interactions, as well as identify how your particular temperament impacts and influences others.



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